New Handbook of Optimization in the Railway Industry

A new “Handbook of Optimization in the Railway Industry” is available in
the International Series in Operations Research & Management Science by
Springer. Edited by Ralf Borndörfer, Torsten Klug, Leonardo Lamorgese,
Carlo Mannino, Markus Reuther and Thomas Schlechte, the book provides an
overview of the state-of-the art in railway optimization. With thirteen
contributions from leading scholars, the book presents a unified view on
the topic with a focus on the use of mathematical programming and
operations research methods in rail transportation.

There are three main clusters of articles, corresponding to the
classical stages of the planning process: strategic, tactical, and
operational. These three clusters are further subdivided into five parts
which correspond to the main phases of the railway network planning
process: network assessment, capacity planning, timetabling, resource
planning, and operational planning.

The book is result of a cooperation between MODAL’s RailLab, LBW
Optimization, and SINTEF.

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