Martin Grötschel receives DMV Cantor Medal

The Cantor Medal is awarded by the German Mathematicians Association (Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung DMV) at most every two years for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of mathematics. This year Martin Grötschel was honored for his contributions. The medal was presented on the occasion of the joint annual meeting of the DMV and the Austrian Mathematical Society in Passau; because of Corona, the award was handed over by DMV President Prof. Dr. Ilka Agricola in Berlin in advance. In his acceptance speech on “Modern Mathematics”, Martin Grötschel discussed the entire field from the basics of mathematics through its manifold applications and interactions with other areas to current challenges. As one prominent case, he highlighted the possibilities of mathematical optimization in public, rail, and air transport, which has always been and still is one of his favorite application areas.The foundation of the company LBW Optimization GmbH as a spin-off of the optimization department of the Zuse Institute Berlin
can be traced back directly to this commitment.We most warmly congratulate!

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Photo: Thomas Vogt