User Group Optimization meets in Berlin

Following the IVU User Forum 2018, the User Group Optimization met
to discuss current topics like treatment of unmanned turnaround times,
adaptation optimization, and electrobus optimization. The physical well
being  was addressed at the evening session in the “Trattoria del Corso”
The photo shows from left to right Gregor Karbstein (IVU), Carol Müller
(IVU), Stefan Rückert (DB), Frank Wenzel (BVG), Sven Krämer (BVG), Ralf
Borndörfer (LBW), Wolfgang Pappenscheller (ÖBB Postbus), Andreas Löbel
(LBW), Andreas Melzig (Transdev), Steffen Schuldt (WVG), Jens Jungblut
(KVB), Steve Caruso (VDL), Patrick Schneider (Bonn), Christophe Santini
(CFL), Carsten Hitscheld (RLG), Christian Otto (KVB), Bjoern Johansson
(KVG), Alexandre Alegria (CFL).