From research into practice, applied mathematics in daily use

Company background

  • The Beginnings

    LBW GbR was founded in April 2000 as a spin-off of the Konrad-Zuse-Center for Information Technology Berlin (ZIB). The ZIB is a non-university research institution of the State of Berlin. It conducts research and development in the field of information technology, preferably in application-oriented algorithmic mathematics, in close cooperation with the universities and scientific institutions in Berlin. At the same time, it offers a high performance computing capacity as a corresponding service. The ZIB was founded in 1984 by law as an institution of public law.

  • From Gbr to GmbH

    From Gbr to GmbH: LBW GmbH was founded in 2017. It carries over software maintenance and development as well as gradual personnel, projects and services. In April 2022, LBW has been completley aquired by the IVU Traffic Technologies AG.

  • milestones

    As an industrial partner, LBW cooperates with ZIB in the development of new mathematical methods of traffic optimization. Currently, research projects are being carried out on the optimization of the railway system, on the duty rostering and on the optimization of cyclic weekly rosters.

  • Evolution

    The benchmark suites CPU2000, CPU2006 and CPU2017 published by Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) also use LBW’s know-how and software. The integer benchmarks 181.mcf, 429.mcf and 505.mcf / 605.mcf are from the LBW software forge and are variants of basic components of our vehicle-rotation planning software.



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