LBW @ Research Campus MODAL

The research campus MODAL held its 4th general assembly at the premises of Zuse Institute Berlin. LBW participates in the RailLab of MODAL with a project on the continued development of its rotation optimizer R-OPT. It aims at full parallelization in order to support the solution of large-scale fully-dated scenarios spanning several weeks. The foto shows (from left to right) Norma Schüler (MODAL Office), Ralf Borndörfer (Associate of LBW/Head of RailLab/Deputy Head of FC MODAL), Ambros Gleixner (Deput Head of SynLab), Andreas Eisenblätter (atesio GmbH), Annerose Steinke (CEO of FC MODAL), Christoph Moll and Kurt Majewski (Siemens AG), Tim Conrad (Head of MedLab), Timo Berthold (FICO Ltd.), Wolfram Sperber (FIZ Karlsruhe), Yen Vu (Lawyer of FC MODAL), Thorsten Koch (Head of GasLab and SynLab), Steefan Vigerske (GAMS GmbH), Andreas Löbel (CEO of LBW GmbH), Hans Lamecher (1000shaptes GmbH), Malte Westerhoff (Visage Imaging GmbH), Regina Teigmann (CiT GmbH).

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