Meet us at OR2017 in Berlin

OR2017 will take place in Berlin, Germany, September 6 – 8, 2017 at the Freie Universität Berlin. It is the annual international conference of the German Operations Research Society (GOR). It is a conference for practitioners and academics from mathematics, computer science, business/economics and other fields

LBW OR2017 Berlin

LBW is proud to be part of this event in order to share insights on various industrial optimization problems from public transport, the airline industry, and railways. Thomas Schlechte, Markus Reuther, and Ralf Borndörfer are co-authors of the following research contributions:

Two portable Linear Programming driven Heuristics for Optimal Toll Enforcement
Timetable Sparsification by Rolling Stock Rotation Optimization
Structure-based Decomposition for Pattern-Detection for Railway Timetables
The Flight Planning Problem with Variable Speed
Demand-Driven Line Planning with Selfish Routing
Cost Minimal Aircraft Trajectories on Airway Networks
Optimizing the Line System of Karlsruhe
The Free Route Flight Planning Problem on Airway Networks
The Graph Segmentation Problem