[RotOR 3.4 by LBW] @ DB Fernverkehr AG

The [Rot]ation [O]ptimizer for [R]ailways (RotOR) developed at Zuse Institut Berlin is now maintained and further improved by LBW Optimization GmbH. RotOR is based on several novel mathematical programming ideas, e.g., a hypergraph model of railway operations as well as a coarse-2-fine algorithm for the computation of optimized rolling stock rotations with proven quality guarantees, see the thesis of Reuther (2017). Version 3.4 of RotOR is deployed by LBW at DB Fernverkehr AG and is integrated in the production system for the optimization of the German ICE (intercity-express) rotations. Furthermore, LBW will engineer the further evolution of RotOR and support its industrial application.

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Reuther (2017), Mathematical Optimization of Rolling Stock Rotations
Rotation Optimization for Railways