BAG and LBW are intensifying cooperation

The BAG and LBW are intensifying the cooperation for the development and use of mathematical optimization algorithms for the German toll system

The German Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG) controls one of the most modern tolling systems, which handles several million daily toll trips in Germany. LBW Optimization GmbH has supported BAG with mathematical optimization software for several years in the planning of the necessary control resources.

The optimization algorithm Kontroll-OPT has been in use since 2014. In one step, it optimizes the duties and rosters of BAG teams in the field. Kontroll-OPT was originally developed at the Zuse Institute Berlin, see ANOR2017, and has since been further developed by LBW for the BAG. The operation of the numerous control columns and bridges will also be optimized in the future. We are pleased that the BAG has intensified its successful cooperation with LBW and extended it to the area of ​​infrastructure provision.