Mathematical Optimization Systems in Public Transit


  • State-of-the-Art optimization methods for vehicle scheduling, duty scheduling, and duty rostering in public transit, rail, and air traffic
  • High performance algorithms for near optimal solution quality
  • Compliance with all planing rules. Scheduling 100% of the tasks. Integration into ivu.plan.

Operational planning of transport companies is usually organized in a series of sequential planning steps. Line planning is followed by timetabling, vehicle scheduling, crew scheduling, crew rostering, and vehicle and crew assignment. All these planning tasks are combinatorial optimization problems.


LBW develops mathematical high-performance optimization cores for planning systems in public transit, rail transport, and the airline industry.
Our optimization modules are integrated into the planning systems ivu.plan and ivu.rail.plan of IVU Traffic Technologies AG, provinding optimization functionality.
Our optimization module CS-OPT forms the basis of the xOPT optimization suite of the NetLine system of Lufthansa-Systems AG .

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